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Windows are a key architectural element and help define the character of many buildings. Our goal is to build you a truly custom window to meet your specific needs, not just a custom-size window. From 18th century mortise and tenon plank-frame windows with hand-blown cylinder glass, to solid mahogany true divided-light windows with high-performance glass, we understand the architectural periods, details and joinery required to replicate nearly any style or type of window. We offer dozens of sash profiles and glazing options and numerous hardware choices to create the perfect reproduction window for your project.

Bouwerie Lane Theatre

For this 19th c. cast-iron building, convex or concave corners were duplicated at the window frames, sash and glass to fit within the cast-iron framing at the head of the windows. New York City, Steven Harris Architects

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17th c. Stone House

17th c. Dutch Colonial window with mortise and tenon, white oak-plank frame and reproduction sash with hand-blown cylinder glass. Kingston, New York

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

Reproduction sash match the details of the only remaining original sash, the transom above the doorway. Custom tooling was made to match the profiles; the sash was glazed with Light Restoration Glass®. The Charles Englehard Court, New York City

Pomfret School

6'x11' single-hung fanlight window and sash with Low-E insulated glass. Window units included new three-piece exterior casings. Pomfret, Connecticut, Centerbrook Architects